Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: If I become a member, what do I get?
    A: Membership gives you full access to all the works I do or have done.  This includes the current Series, other works outside of the Series, and my novel, Death Pledge (once I get it on the site).  In addition, it is my intent to provide a new flash fiction story as part of the Series once every month.  Also, you get full access to the Members Only Page in which you can feel free to comment, criticize, discuss or suggest your own views on the individual stories in the Series.  In this way, I hope we can grow together in our walk with Christ.
  2. Q: The disciples in your Series often cuss.  Don’t you think this is sacrilegious?
    A: No. I believe the disciples were ordinary men (and women) just like you and me. Many of the disciples were hard men.  I think many cussed like sailors because they actually were.  Mathew was a thief and a whoremonger. Simon the Zealot was probably a murderer.  We have to remember, none of these young men or women were yet Christians.  Christ hadn’t yet died. What these stories were not going to be were what I call “goody, goody” Christian Stories, where no one cusses, no one struggles with carnal desires; no one gets pissed off; and everybody lives happily ever after. Life is hard. People are cruel. Saints are sinners. The writing needs to reflect reality.  If the language of real life offends a reader, then so be it.
  3. Q: Does Jesus ever cuss in your stories?
    A: No.
  4. Q: Are there any other limits on the language you use in your writing?
    A: Yes. I will never drop the “F” bomb, and I will never say GD.
  5. Q: Is there any order to the stories in the series?
    A: Yes.  I am trying to go in chronological order of the events which occurred in the last three years of Christ’s ministry on Earth.  As I said, I am not a theologian.  I am not qualified to try and determine such an order.  It’s beyond my pay grade.  Fortunately, others much smarter than I have already undertaken to do so.  The one I go by is the “Harmony of the Gospels” section found in the Life Application Study Bible, New International Version.